What the Yoga practice teaches me


As opposed to what we could believe when watching some Youtube videos, no, it’s not possible to master a handstand in 5 minutes, unless you’re already trained for that. The body, the mind, the strength, the  stamina, they all need time to build themselves up. Only regular practice can give results. Yoga teaches you to be patient : don’t do Yoga because you want a result. Do Yoga because you do Yoga. Don’t rush into the practice, because you will harm your body. Just be patient and consistent.


Our modern society doesn’t teach us to be kind. Since the beginning of our life we are judged on our abilities, graded, even punished sometimes. This negativity can pollute us, and our way to see ourselves and the others. We compare each other, we judge ourselves, we complain. Is it really necessary? What if we put a positive light on all our thoughts and speeches? Try for one day and see what happens.


Renunciation can be good. It is so easy to feel the weight of all the things we put on our back. For example, what if you renunce to lose that extra 5 pounds and just focus on eating healthy? Or what if you stop to put pressure on yourself because you want to be pretty at all times, and just rely on your smile? (Studies show that the confidence created by a smile is much more efficient than 2 layers of makeup) What if you get rid of that painting set/guitar/gardening book/boxing gloves that lie somewhere in your house, because everytime you look at it you feel bad because you still haven’t learned/done it? You will feel so much lighter once you renunce it and do something that really makes you feel good, and that you don’t do because you like the idea of it!

Digression : It works for Yoga too : I am not saying Yoga is for everyone. Your Yoga can be anything : gardening, walking, cycling… as long as you find YOUR own way to connect with your body, your sensations, your thoughts, your feelings…


Think of the last time you bought something. When you were in the store, you certainly thought that thing would make you a little more happy. Are you happier now you have it? If yes, keep the thing, you probably needed it. If the answer is no, think about that the next time you wanna go shopping. But actually, we don’t need many things to function.

It’s also true about immaterial things. We can be much happier if we look at a situation and think : this is the situation. It is OK. I am happy no matter what. I don’t need more. I can not let external things make me unhappy.


What are the causes of this situation? Who is talking when I hear these words? Is it the ego, the frustration, a disappointment, hunger, tiredness? Distinguishing the causes of a situation or a speech can help us detach from it emotionally. Step back, have a look at the situation, and process it. Then move on !

I tend to be super sensitive sometimes. Now my mantra is : Forgive, and Forget ! Forgive yourself as well !

Have a look at your physical/emotional state

Ask yourself “How do I feel today“. Try to put words on every different state of the body, of the mind, of the heart, of the ego… Acknowledge it, accept it, and move on. Dont’t let feelings, or a pain, ruin your day. Know that it’s here, there is probably nothing you can do about it, so take care of yourself and let yourself be happy anyway.

Be in the present

This is so hard to do, especially now that we are almost all the time connected to a phone or computer with lots going on in the virtual reality.

We spend most of our time planning the close future or looking back. What if we try being here and now, at least for a few minutes once a day? Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and for 5 minutes just be.

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