Baloga, Whales and Yoga : A strange combination?

It all started in 2012, with a one-year adventure in New Zealand. Living everyday with the ocean, in a beautiful environment, was a life-changing experience and definitely made us grow beyond our expectations.

The recurrent observations of the sperm whales, pacific white-sided dolphins, and Hector dolphins in their natural habitat was a formidable experience and rapidly we became aware of the importance of this relationship. The marine mammals and particularly the cetaceans have something to teach us about intuitivity, about living together in the human society, about the way to deal with our environment. Dolphins and whales are mammals like us. It is sometimes hard to believe they can’t breathe underwater !

The control of breathing is, to the Yogi, the 4th limb of Yoga, just after the posture practice (Asana). At first the whale calf doesn’t know how to breathe, it is not innate. It is his mother who will help him and teach him, by maintaining him on the surface with her muzzle. The same way, we need to learn how to breathe.

About the Asanas (the postures, 3rd limb of Yoga) Iyengar wrote “by practicing Asanas, the yogi makes his body the shape of diverse creatures. His mind is therefore trained to despise no creature, for that he knows that through the whole scope of the Creation, from the tiniest insect to the most perfect wise, blows the same Universal Spirit, under innumerable forms.”

Knowing that, what would be better than training to feel this universality, being immersed in a breath-taking natural environment, amongst all these intriguing, remarakable creatures?

It seemed only natural to us to bring our guests into the regions we have lived in and that still live in us. And share this unique experience by the daily practice of Yoga and a total immersion into Nature.

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