10 Beginner’s Steps to Save the Oceans

You’ve probably seen a lot of pictures and videos recently, showing all the damage our plastic consumption is doing to the oceans…

So you’ve decided you should go zero waste but you don’t know where to start?

Here are 10 tips to take 10 steps towards zero waste, and help save the oceans !

1. Take a reusable water bottle with you, everywhere you go.
2. Refuse the plastic lid on your takeaway coffee.
3. Keep a reusable shopping bag (like a fabric tote bag) in your backpack or handbag for when you didn’t plan on going grocery shopping.
4. When ordering takeaway food, always ask to be served in a paper or cardboard container. Refuse disposable cutlery (wash and use your hands !)
5. When shopping for groceries, always go for : food that’s in a reusable container, or a glass container, or a paper bag.
6. Bring your own reusable containers to the grocery store. Find the bulk sections and order from the counters.
7. Find a reusable set of cutlery (inox is the most durable) and keep it in your bag.
8. Try to guess what the advertisment is really selling to you : a better life, more time, a beautiful body… And find free equivalents : quality family time, a running session, a massage between friends or lovers, a homemade beauty mask… be creative !
9. Subscribe to your local library : you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find for just a little money. Maybe new friends, too ! (these are normally free, if not, I suggest you change friends)
10. At work or at school, discuss ecological solutions, like different bins for paper and plastic, maybe even a compost ?

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